Just some NATTY jamaican patwa


“Ya No See It?” – “the gal come wine up on me,” – “Chicken merry; hawk deh (is) near” – “Fire de a Mus Mus tail, him tink a cool breeze” – “Me bleach hard lass night” – “A promise is a comfort to a fool” – “coo pon dat bwoy” – “Mi no come yah fi hear bout how horse dead an cow fat” – “Me throw me corn but me no call no fowl” – “Sorry for maga dog, maga dog turn round bite you” – “Mi throw mi corn, but me no call no fowl” – “Sweet nanny goat have a running belly” – “cock mouth kill cock” – “If a fish coulda keep him mout’ shut, him would neva get caught” – “Everyting Crash” – “come bad in de morning can’t come good a evenin'” – “every day bucket go a well, one day di bucket bottom mus drop out” – “Wanti wanti can’t get it, getti getti no want it” – “Trouble no set like rain” – “time longer than rope” – “creep before him walk” – “one one coco fill up a basket” – “Every mikkle makes a muckle” – “No cup no broke, no coffee no dash wey” – “Wha eye no see, heart no leap” – “mi come here fi drink milk, mi noh come here fi count cow” – “The higher the monkey climbs the more him expose” – “A city upon the hill cannot be hidden.” – “A new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom knows every corner” – “your new man buff and ting but the old man know where it sweet you.” – “dry land tourist” – “no one cyaan test” – “Mi a-go lef today” – “Im too hard of Aise” – “Him is badda than dem” – “No badda mi” – “Is bare dog down inna that yard” – “No badda bawl im soon come back” – “Dat is fe mi bredda” – “The chuck need tree new tyres” – “Cuyah, she gwan like she nice eee” – “Choble nuh nice” – “Yuh ina big choble” – “Did yuh see dat?” – “A who dat?” – ” Yuh no dun yet?” – ” Is the dutty duppy man dweet” – “Ef yuh choble him ‘im me a-go hit yuh” – “All a dem a me fambly” – “mek we dweet” – “Yuh too fass and Facety” – “Galang bout yuh business” – “Mi back a hat mi” – “An a jus Lass nite mi dideh” – “Lef mi Nuh” – “Tek de neegle an sow de piece of clawt” – “How yuh nyam so much” – “Is Mr Garden pickney dem” – “Tek set pon you”

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